Kpehe Deanery Catholic Ushers Ministry Inaugurated

St. Thomas More Catholic Church has inaugurated 60 members under Kpehe Deanery Catholic Ushers Ministry into office to serve the church and Christ.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony in Accra, outgoing Chaplain for the deanery, Rev George Open Appah said users played very vital roles in churches therefore church leaders must pay a standard attention towards their activities.

He said ushers can make a difference in the house of God inasmuch as the activities selling the beautification of God.

‘For a pastor to have a peaceful and successful service, it depends much on the ushers because the face of users brings joy into the heart of the people though some people too will prevented from entering the church at a particular time must be within ushers,” he said.

Rev. Open Appah said the church was now moving from economy class to a business class where ushers were the face of the church.

“Ushers Ministry is a task of discretion and prudence.”

He advised them shun away from discriminating among people by ensuring people become happy and to serve Jesus Christ with all humility.

He also called on them to seek the peace, patience and understanding from the lord for its work to expand through out the world.

Speaking on behalf of the ushers, the Elected President, Benjamin Nana Yaw Adom Amanfo, assured that work would be done in accordance with regulations and his team will work hard to train through ushering work so that it becomes part of their lives.

Nana Amanfo further appealed to the ministry to support each other and work effectively to enhance the growth of the church and its work.

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