Mario Balotelli: “Sleeping with Liverpool fan helped his football”

It’s barely the beginning of the football season and Marion Balotelli has already begun to gain negative media attention as usual.
The Liverpool FC player, Mario Balotelli reportedly invited a Liverpool fan to his house and after having s*x with her, sent her packing in the middle of the night; this is after he told her s*x helps his football.

The Liverpool striker flirted with ­hairdresser, Emma Dalton online before inviting her to a party at his luxury rented home.

Balotelli enjoyed a three-hour marathon romp with 23-year old Emma Dalton, but it soon became clear that starting a new relationship was the last thing on the new Liverpool striker’s mind.

We guess he was just after a different form of a training session. While they were having s*x, the Azzuri marksman reportedly told her: ‘This is nice. It helps my football.’

And when the bedroom workout was over, he tossed a shocked Emma out of his six-bedroom mansion like a coin, telling her to take a taxi home in the middle of the night.

The furious single mum told a friend: “I know he has a reputation but I thought he’d changed from the things I’d read.

“He was charming and as far as I know single so I thought, ‘Why not?’ Now I feel stupid.

‘I should never have gone to his house but what’s done is done. He was only interested in one thing from me and then wanted me out of the way,’ Dalton lamented.

See pictures of Emma, including a shot she sent to Balotelli to get his attention at the beginning below: –