President Mahama Is Sleeping On The Job

It is our collective responsibility to ensure the citizens of the republic of Ghana are protected irrespective of their social status.

Ghanaians have witnessed promises and pledges, but none has ever materialized to save the citizens out of the dire-straits economic conditions.

COALITIONS OF YOUNG LIBERALS (COYLIB) have followed with knifelike interest the recent outbreak of the deadly virus in West Africa for the past five months and the lackadaisical attitude of President Mahama towards this menace.

The medical dictionary defines “Ebola virus as a notoriously deadly virus that causes fearsome symptoms, the most prominent being high fever and massive internal bleeding.”

The Ebola virus has no respect for a President and its Ministers or third-class citizens, but what this notorious virus knows is death. The President response in curtailing the virus in Ghana and
avoid any outbreak should be paramount.

The wealth of Ghana depends on the health of the citizens and the President must put equal urgency used to carry £3millin dollars across the Atlantic to the failed Black Stars in Brazil and avert the serious dangers this Ebola virus poses to the future of the republic.

The South Africa economy is an improved one, but they are sure of how this disease poses a threat to them and in view of the latest development, the authorities imposed travel bans on non-citizens entering their country with better-screening systems in place for citizens.

Moreover, West African countries such as Senegal, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast have followed suit of protecting their respective countries.

We are aware the European Union (EU) is working around the clock to have airlines and marine cargos avoid hotspots of the virus infested areas and the entire West African belt.
What is President Mahama waiting for as this deadly virus encroaches?

Mahama-Amissah Arthur administration cannot continue to sit idle whilst citizens of the nation watch in awe with such a dangerous virus roaming the corridors of the west zone of Africa.
COALITION OF YOUNG LIBERALS (COYLIB) outlines these points for the leadership to quickly work to change an unforeseeable situation in the country.

a.The opportunity cost of closing the land, air and sea borders to protect Ghanaians should be a top priority because continuous opening of the borders to nationals of the infested countries have not yielded anything positive for the domestic economy but rather a denigrating one.

b.The Presidency must suspend all sub-regional programmes and meetings in Ghana because most participants may be carrying the virus.

c.The information ministry must start educating the populace about the dangers of Ebola disease

d.Members of Parliament must initiate an action plan to curb a temporal movement of non-nationals and put proper communication mechanism to help prevent the deadly virus entering Ghana.

e.The health professionals must go through vigorous training coupled with comprehensive measures to combat the disease

f.Protective equipment must be provided for all health officers in the country

g.The government must have an Insurance cover for all
health professionals to motivate them in discharging their duties
COALITIONS OF YOUNG LIBERALS (COYLIB) urge the President to be proactive and master courage to protect the citizens of the republic of Ghana from such a deadly tsunami, which the western nations describe as a lethal virus.

God bless Ghana