Filth chokes Ghana’s ‘Russia’ amid cholera outbreak

You may have driven past one of Accra’s popular suburbs, Russia, near Dansoman. But do you know the story behind this name? I went there to try and find out why we have Russia here in Accra.

Whilst at it, I realised the residents are overwhelmed with so much filth in the area to the extent that, they think only President Vladimir Putin of Russia can help fix their sanitation problems as more cholera cases increase in the community.

Russia sits between Sukura and Dansoman. You will be wondering why this community in Accra bears the name of an Eastern European country?

Well this community is home to drivers who work predominantly at the central business district.

You will also find kenkey sold at every turn as you move through the community. I meet young guys in the neighbourhood who are busily producing shoes and slippers.

There are others too who are at betting houses gambling as they watch their favourite teams play. But what grabbed my attention was the insanitary condition in the community.

Human and animal excreta are found in most street corners and there are heaps of refuse everywhere.  

“Everybody thinks government is supposed to come in,” 33-year-old Abass, said.

The insanitary condition in the area is so dire, many residents have contracted cholera.

A middle-aged woman who has been undergoing treatment for a cholera infection a few weeks ago told me there was nothing she could do to avoid re-infection.  

I met her while on her way from hospital. She was back to live in the filth.

“I have attending to nature’s call every now and then. I’m just tired,” she said.

The Secretary of the Nmemete Russia chief, Nii Abbey Marcus says despite their best efforts to fix the sanitation challenge, the refuse collectors, Zoomlion have refused to collect rubbish for over two months.

But he had a challenge for Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

As I left the community I met 13-year-old Veronica who aims to become the saviour of the community when she grows up.

Filth chokes Russia and Vladimir Putin’s help is being sought. But until that help arrives, a lot more cholera cases will be recorded in the community.

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