‘We Want To Make Impact In Ghana’



The award-winning afro pop duo, E-Squad, has arrived in Ghana to release its hit single titled ‘Ojuju Calabar’.

The single would be released live on some selected radio stations in the country, however, the stations would only play portions of the song on their network, after which music fans who want to listen to the song would have to wait for the full album to be released later this year.

The members of the group, Victor Osy, aka Mr Flexy and Austin Utulu, aka Mr Chuq, already have two albums and three music videos, with ‘Sweet You Sweet Me’ making huge impacts on YouTube.

The afro-pop duo represents originality. The quality of their music is beyond doubt exceptional as witnessed in a couple of songs they have to their credit.  Their good music has attracted a lot of following on social networks.

Their yet-to-be released hit single ‘Ojuju Calabar’, a mid-tempo song, often referred to as music for the masses, would soon enjoy airplay in Ghana and some selected African countries. This fusion of good drum beats, bass and rhythm guitar, which are felt in the song, make the song danceable.

According to them, the single promises to become an African sensation which would further establish them as consistent hit-makers, adding, ‘We are inspired and determined to give fans more and further push the E-Squad high using our music. We will drop our single very soon, and still working on a couple of them to make up our third album. We want to make impact in Ghana.’

By George Clifford Owusu ([email protected])

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