Liberia Chases Sidney -Over Ebola Cash From George Weah

Popular Ghanaian musician, Barimah Sidney, is lacing his boots for a showdown with ex-international soccer star, George Oppong Weah, over a whooping amount of money he received from the Liberian politician to record a song on Ebola and shoot a music video for it.

Though Sidney has successfully recorded the song and even had it played on BBC radio and other international networks, the bone of contention now is the Ghanaian musician’s refusal to travel to Liberia to shoot a music video for the track.

‘Sidney is insisting the video must be shot in Ghana and that he would never travel to Liberia because the health risk is too high because Liberia is one of the worst affected countries. But he must come here because there must be some Ebola patients in the video, and we cannot carry them to Ghana,’ NEWS-ONE gathered from a source close to the persons who contracted Sidney.

George Weah
When NEWS-ONE reached Sidney over the issue on Monday, he admitted that the Weah Foundation had paid him to record a song on Ebola and that George Weah himself even featured in the song.

‘You guys in the media should understand some of these things better than the rest of us. Were you not the same persons who reported that Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking on behalf of the Government of Ghana, hasd cautioned Ghanaian citizens to desist from travelling to the Ebola affected countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia?’ Sidney asked.

The song, according to information available to NEWS-ONE, was also to draw more attention to the possible measures of not contracting the virus which has already killed over thousands of persons in some Africa countries including Liberia.

The exact amount involved in the deal is not readily known, but Sydney was allegedly given full payment of the cash involved.

Weah himself came down to Ghana to witness the recording of the song several months ago.

The controversial Ghanaian hip life musician, according to reports, has been refusing incessant calls from Weah’s team to go to Liberian for the video.

It is currently not known what he is telling Weah’s foundation about the money he took.

Meanwhile, Liberia is currently in crises over the Ebola disease. According to the World Health Organisation, out of the total of 1,145 deaths recorded in West Africa, more than 400 were recorded in Liberia alone.

Some African countries have started closing their borders to neighbouring countries which have recorded Ebola cases.

The BBC reported on Sunday that there were conflicting reports over the fate of some seventeen suspected Ebola patients who vanished after a quarantine centre in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, was looted.

An angry mob reportedly attacked the centre in Monrovia’s densely populated West Point township on Saturday evening. A senior health official said all the patients had been moved to another medical facility. But a reporter told the BBC that seventeen had escaped while ten others were taken away by their families.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50   Email:  [email protected] )

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