Shoot on sight Ebola patients who escape from quarantine – Chidi Mokeme

Award winning Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme says Ebola patients who escape from quarantine should be shot on sight.

According to him, any patient who escapes from any quarantine facility is a mass murderer and must therefore be shot.

The Ebola pandemic is currently spreading across West Africa and is believed to have killed over 1,000 people in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria since the recent outbreak in March.

The actor took to microblogging site Twitter Thursday to state that: “#Warning 2 any relative, friend or foe of mine who escapes from #EbolaQuarantine, Cost of ammo has gone up so there’ll be no warning shots!”

“So if #Ebola #Patient is Ur relative then d rules of engagement will change? Our “relatives” shouldn’t be quarantined? Abeg! Abeg!! Abeg!!!” he added.

Chidi Mokeme stressed that: “If u’re a primary or secondary #Ebola #Suspect and u escape from #quarantine, U’re a Suicidal mass murderer and #WMD. Yes? #ShootAtSight”

The actor further warned that anyone who fails to check into a quarantine centre but rather runs to seek spiritual help is on a fast-track means to hell.

“Choosing to run to #Church #Mosque #Pray #Fast #juju instead of checking into #EbolaQuarantine is #FastTrackToHell cos #GodKnowsTheProtocol,” he said.

Chidi Mokeme, however urged persons who have symptoms and have had contact with suspected Ebola patients to report to quarantine camps.

“If u or someone u know have symptoms or have been in contact with #Suspected #Ebola #Patient, please report to the nearest #quarantine #camp,” he said and added that: “Escaping from an #Ebola #quarantine #camp should be a criminal offence. Yes?” Story by Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)

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