House of Chiefs deletes Abor Yamoah’s name from National Register

The National House of chiefs   has deleted the name of Nana Abor Yamoah II, the disputed chief of Gomoa Fetteh, from its Register.

This effectively means that Nana Abor Yamoah, also known as Edward Acquaye can no longer lay claim to the Gomoa Fetteh stool, which has been a subject of dispute since 1997.

The decision was contained in a letter dated 31 st July, 2014   signed by Nathan Danquah, the Regional Registrar. The letter was the under heading, “Deletion of Name from the Ghana Register of Chiefs”.      

 “I refer to Letter no. NH/CR.33/VOL.8/30  dated  25 th July , 2014 from the National House of  Chiefs,  Kumasi   on the above  subject and wish  to inform you that the National House of Chiefs  at its Research Committee Meeting and full House meeting on the 15 th and 16 th  July, 2014 endorsed for implementation the deletion of the name of Nana Abor Yamoah II from the National Register of Chiefs,” the letter noted .

The letter was addressed to the Gomoa Akyeapim Traditional Council, which has jurisdiction over Gomoa Fetteh.

High Court Ruling
The decision by the National House of Chiefs follows a ruling  by a Winneba High Court presided over by  Justice Adjei Wilson, instructing the National House of Chiefs to  strike out the name of Nana Abor Yamoah from its  Register, since he was not properly enstooled as a chief.

“I also direct that within 28 days from the date of this ruling the National House of Chiefs sets down a schedule  for the  determination of the entry  of the Name of Nana Abor Yamoah II in the Registrar of  the National House Chiefs” , the judge ordered  in his ruling.

The Winneba High Court based its decision on the fact that, Nana Abor Yamoah popularly known in his private life as Edward Acquaye, was not properly gazzeted as a chief and that his name was fraudulently entered into the Register of the National of House of Chiefs . The ruling was dated 10th June, 2014.

Background to dispute
The Gomoa Fetteh chieftaincy dispute dates back to 22 nd of August, 1997 when a panel set by Gomoa Akyeampim Traditional Council to sit on Fetteh chieftaincy dispute destooled the then chief, Nana Abor Awusie XIX on grounds that he was an ex-convict and visually impaired.

While appeal was pending at the Central Regional House of Chiefs, Mr. Edward Acquaye the then Accountant of Johnsonwax mosquito coil producers of raid mosquito coil in Ghana under a stool name Nana Abor Yamoah, suddenly emerged as the new chief of Gomoa Fetteh, without going through the necessary customary procedures, which includes swearing the oath of allegiance before the Paramount Chief of the area. Mr. Acquaye was aided by the Amakwandoh Family.

Subsequently, Nana Abor Yamoah’s name was fraudulently entered into the National House of Chiefs Register on Sunday, 24 th August, 1997, a non-working day in Ghana. Surprisingly, his name was not in the Traditional Council’s Register of chiefs, meaning the traditional council did not accept him as a chief of the area and as the Twafohene of Gomoa Akyeampim traditional area which position has been vacant up to date and which should have been the first procedure.

The Appeal
The Regional House of Chiefs, following an appeal by Nana Abor Awusie XIX, a chief of Fetteh for over 35 years, ruled that the purported destoolment was unfair and that the matter be sent back to the Traditional council for a fresh panel to be set for a fair hearing on the case, warning that until and unless this was done, the status quo be maintained.

The ruling of the Central regional house of chiefs didnot go down well with the self-styled chief, Nana Abor Yamoah II as he refused to turn up on any invitation by the new panel set by the traditional council to investigate and give a fair hearing on the case.

As if that was not enough, he subsequently destroyed the final sitting of the panel to prevent them from giving their ruling and afterwards went to court for legal action. After a number of years in court with different rulings, the recent ruling of the Winneba high court settle the scores and will finally silence the defeated self-styled chief of Gomoa Fetteh who is not biologically a native of the town.

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