DIC expresses shock over alleged fraudulent act

Mr Assakkua Agambila, the Executive Secretary of the Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) has expressed shock over the involvement of some state institutions in an alleged fraudulent act.

Appearing before the Judgment Debt Commission in Accra Thursday, Mr Agambila said it was very surprising that institutions like the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), National Reconciliation Commission (NRC), and the Attorney General’s Office could not stop the fraudulent acquisition of state assets by one Kofi Ohene and Daniel Kofi Adobor in connection with the Subin Timer Company.

He told the Commission thatafter the state had confiscated the Subin Timber Company in 1982, Kofi Ohene who claimed to be the owner petitioned the NRC in 2001 during its public sitting to demand a deconsfiscation.

He saidprior to the petition at the NRC, Ohene had petitioned CHRAJ over the same issue and judgment was given in his favour.

Mr Agambila said the NRC also did same, as well as the office of the Attorney General who consented to give Ohene about five billion cedis for the confiscation, but which he rejected because he wanted to take back the company.

He saideven though records available indicated that Ohene was not the owner of the said timber company, the DIC was not involved in any of the trialsbut judgment was given in favour of Ohene.

He said prior to the deconfiscation claim by Ohene, the Subin Timer Company together with the Central Logging and Sawmilling Company had been divested by the state to one Ivor Fiorini and who had named the company as Western Veneer Company Limited (WVCL).

He said after receiving judgment in his favour, Ohene who was represented by one Kofi Adobor sought the help of the Attorney General to compel the Police in the Western Region to give him security to enable him take the company back.

Mr Agambila said since the company had been divested by the state, Ohene with the assistance of the Police was able to seize some properties of the WVCL which he sold to some Ivorians.

“But my lord, the said Kofi Ohene was not the owner of the Subin Company and I am surprised that none of the state institutions who handled the case did not ask the relevant questions to discover the truth,” he told the Commission.

The Judgement Debt Commission has therefore summoned the office of the Attorney General to appear and give an explanation.

Mr David Agbale, Legal Counsel at the Ministry of Finance also appeared to provide documents in relation to the judgment debt paid by the state to Kalf Cocoa International Limited.

He also confirmed the payment to African Automobile Limited concerning the services rendered to some 17 Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s).

He said even though the MDA’s involved denied having contract with the African Automobile, the state lost the appeal it filed at the Court of Appeal and it paid the money to the company. 

Concerning some payment made by the state to the Construction Pioneers by transferring the money to a bank in Zurich, Mr Agbale requested that, the banking department of the Bank of Ghana should be invited to provide information on the exercise.

The Commission agreed to his request.

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