Ghana joins 50 other African nations for first ever US-Africa Leaders Summit

Ghana will join about 50 other African countries to participate in the first ever US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington beginning on Monday, August 4.

The Summit, which will take place over three days, is the first such event of its kind and the largest event any U.S. President has ever held with African leaders.

Briefing the media, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs of the United States, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said the summit will be a big opportunity to discuss bigger investments in African countries and to reiterate America’s unflinching support and care for the African continent.

‘We have two main objectives, we want African leaders, African citizens and American citizens to come away with a clear message that the United States cares about the continent of Africa, and that we are committed to multi-faceted partnership’, she stated.

The summit is part of plans by President Barrack Obama to switch plans from granting aids to investment to African countries contrasting ex-President Bush’s initiative towards Africa where he grants aids to tackle challenges facing the continent.

In such aids, the U.S doled out a $15 billion to prevent and treat HIV infections, and $1.2 billion program to fight malaria.

This summit follows a previously held meeting by President Obama and some 500 young African leaders held in July in Washington with the aim of investing in the next generation of African leaders, in enhancing their leadership skills, bolstering  entrepreneurship, and connecting  young African leaders with one another.

More than $900 million in deals is to be signed as part of a focus on development driven by private business during the US-African leaders summit.

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