Ghana Is On Course But…

THERE is no gainsaying that Ghana by its geographical position on the globe is supposed to have achieved greater height in development, judging from the numerous natural resources the country is endowed with which includes oil. But the saddest thing is that we are still beggars.

WHAT has changed the status quo of the one-time West African country known as the “Gold Coast,” because of its abundant gold reserves, is bad leadership and imprudent economic policies by past governments.

THE pattern of leadership style of the country over the years has brought us nothing more than misery, poverty, insecurity, unemployment, homelessness, diseases, hunger, maternal and infant mortality among others which have retarded the development growth of the nation.

WE at Today are of the opinion that the country needs committed and selfless leaders who will always put the country first in their quest for power to ensure that the citizenry enjoy the dividends of their sweat for voting them into political office.

WE cannot continue to wallow in abject poverty when as a country we have everything to make life comfortable and worth living. It is against this backdrop that we on Today want Ghanaians to look beyond tribal sentiments, religion and family ties when electing people to lead this country.

THE reason is that we need total economic transformation in every sector of the economy which has eluded us for far too long all because our leaders have turned blind eyes on most of the pressing national issues which need to be addressed in the supreme interest of the nation.

UNDOUBTEDLY, Ghana was one-time the toast of many nations. And this was largely because of our resources. In fact we were even better than the Asian Tigers in terms of economic growth at the time. But today the story is different! Our leaders have disappointed us greatly with their insensitive character which has rendered the country economically “impotent.”

IT is important we wake up from our slumber and gather courage devoid of any form of impunity and tell our leaders that enough is enough of their “creating, looting and sharing” mentality which is the bane of our problems.

WE know it is possible as a country to make it if only we can prioritise our agenda for nation- building. Indeed the country needs impeccable leaders who will look beyond their selfish interest and work to enhance the general welfare of the citizenry.