Twum-Boafo Pulled Gun – Says Driver

Kwadwo Twum-Boafo
The driver of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Free Zones Board, Seth Obeng, has been narrating the harrowing experience he had at the hands of his boss, Kwadwo Twum-Boafo over the weekend.

Seth Obeng narrated during various radio interviews yesterday after news of his ordeal broke out, ‘He [referring to his boss] entered his room amidst insults but when he returned from the room, he slapped me and I shouted ‘Jesus!”

The driver claimed on Adom FM that after receiving what he termed as a ‘resounding single slap’ from his boss, he (Seth) bled from his nostrils and ear and was hearing some noise in his ears.

He alleged that after assaulting him, Kwadwo Twum-Boafo, not satisfied, came out chasing him with a pistol.

In the course of the interview, he broke down in tears over what he said were the constant attacks and abuses his boss meted out to him.

Twum-Boafo, who is a member of the NDC communications team, refused to speak to DAILY GUIDE when contacted yesterday, but was rather in tantrums.

Seth, who has been driving the controversial NDC guru for the past one-and-a-half years, had told the police that the action of his boss was triggered by an attempt to calm him (boss) down in the course of an altercation with an old woman who happens to be his own mother in-law.

He said it started when Twum-Boafo went to the in-law’s house with intent to pick his child only to be told that the child’s mother had come to take him away. This, Seth claimed, infuriated his boss a great deal.

‘I pleaded with him to stop because I was beginning to feel embarrassed about his conduct; everybody who knows him knows that he does not want to be spoken to,’ the driver recalled.

In the heat of the altercation, the driver said, ‘The 80-year-old woman called him a ‘foolish man” among other unprintable words which seemed to have provoked Twum Boafo.

It was at this point that Seth said his boss wanted to attack the woman, but he tried to intervene by blocking his (boss’) hand.

Seth said unknown to him, his boss was still nursing the anger over his (Seth’s) daring act of intervening in the fracas with the old woman. He narrated that Kwadwo Twum-Boafo descended on him with a slap and other forms of assault.

According to Seth, not even the intervention of the politician’s mother could save him from the hands of his boss.

Since then, Seth said he had been hearing some strange noise.

He later reported the incident to the Airport Police who are investigating the matter.

The obviously distraught driver was subsequently issued with a form to seek medical attention at the LEKMA Hospital.

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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