Mr Ankrah, "Ambassadors Fuo No Sika No Wo Hen"?

Mr Afriyie Ankrah, the disgraced and dismissed former Sports Minister was all over the place this weekend blaming everybody else for the failure of the Blackstars in Brazil but himself.

Ghanaians have accepted the Blackstars team and its management wing, GFA needs a change and Kwesi Nyantakyi and his staff at the GFA have to hand over peacefully for a new administration to start over again and the people are not going to settle for anything less. Now back to the money issue.

The root cause of the problem we had in Brazil all came down to money and so much money was collected by the Sports Minister and his so called Ambassadors a proper account of that money is needed.

According to one of the Ambassadors, John Dumelo, a respected Ghanaian Actor, more than $2 million dollars at the time he spoke to some Radio stations has been received from some companies and more money was still coming in. It is estimated that, more than $3 million was collected apart from the money the Ghana government gave to the Blackstars or budgeted to the team, $9.6million.

The question then is; what did we do with the over three million dollars collected by these Ambassadors? The Ambassadors numbered thirteen(13) and some were paid $29,000 each like Becca to go to Brazil whilst others were paid $20,000, John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah and others. While Becca got more than the others, I cannot tell though these people will swear Heaven and Earth they did this voluntarily. This is the kind of voluntary job I will do rain or sunshine. A voluntary job that comes with a price tag cannot be said to be voluntary. A reward for voluntary job usually comes with a certificate of appreciation or a plaque and not a price tag of between $20,000 and $29,000.

Lets even assume the so called Volunteers price tag came to $300,000 for the thirteen(13) of them, Mr Afriyie Ankrah still has to account for the remaining $2.7 million.

Mr Afriyie Ankrah this weekend trying to debunk the rumors that he bedded a Ghanaian Actress/Ambassador revealed that, he went to Brazil with his wife and two children. Did Mr Afriyie Ankrah pay for his wife and children expenses or Ghanaian taxpayers paid for their vacation. Ws Mr Afriyie Ankrah on vacation or he was working? He was collecting at least $900 a day for hotel expense of $750 and $150 per diem when in actual factthis man was not really working but was vacationing with his family. Anyway, that is water under the bridge now, that expense was captured in the government paid Blackstars budget.

What we are asking Mr Afriyie Ankrah to account for is the over $3 million collected from corporate bodies like GNPC, SSNIT, SIC and other government agencies. The said money was budgeted to take care of the 500 suppporters who were housed at an abandoned community center in Natal which Afriyie Ankrah is said to have renovated at a cost of $128,000. Fifty dollars was charged per head for food each day for the 500 supporters though the Caterer said she was paid $20 instead of $50.

The supporters only watched the Ghana opening match with USA at the stadium and watched the Germany and Portugal match on television so we need a refund on their tickets.

We are just not going to allow what happened in South Africa where the Sports Minister at that time told Ghanaians of only 11 million dollars won when we won $14 million and nobody followed it . That time the lady Sports Minister took her bodyguard, Driver, Cook and her daughter and billed Ghanaian Taxpayers for them now Afriyie Ankrah and Kwesi Nyantakyi took their wives and children to Brazil and want Ghanaians to pay for them too, NOOOOO, “DAABIDA” we will not foot your families vacation expense this time.