Officials Were In Brazil To Promote Our Brand – GNPC

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has defended its decision to send about 40 officials to Brazil saying they were there to work and promote the Corporation’s brand.

The Herald newspaper reported on Monday that the GNPC sponsored officials and their spouses to Brazil and paid about $250 as per diem.

The report has angered many with some Ghanaians questioning the prudence of sending such a huge number of officials to Brazil at the time Ghana’s economy was in trouble.

“The cooperation paid the tickets of staff but which ever staff member who decided to come with the spouse paid the ticket of that spouse,”the Corporate Affiars Manager of GNPC, Eric Puadura said.

Justifying the company’s decision, Mr. Puadura said GNPC also held official meetings that marketed the company to the world.

“The GNPC is the headline sponsor of the Black Stars, we are marketing our brand and the Black Star brand is a good brand for us to market

“We saw the World Cup as an opportunity to further market our brand. We got international media hits and we got international media interviews about our brand,”Mr. Paudura said.

He stated that the GNPC in that regard, held meetings and other engagements during their trip to Brazil.

According to him, “this is not the first time the GNPC has sponsored its staff to watch matches at Brazil.”

Commenting on the benefits the trip brought to the GNPC brand he noted that “we got international media hits, we got international media interviews about our brand”

“The media mileage as a result of the Black Stars alone is way above what we paid for. We had international TV stations who were interested in knowing more about the GNPC,”Mr. Puadura added.