When Promises Become Assurances

IT is now obvious that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has moved from its usual rhetoric of always giving unfilled promises to Ghanaians to providing assurances. In fact, if promises were anything to go by in our current dispensation, then the government of NDC led by President John Dramani Mahama would have been the best government so far this country has had since independence.

THE fact is, since President John Mahama was sworn into office in 2013 there has not been a single day that he [President Dramani Mahama] has not given one promise or the other to Ghanaians at any given opportunity he will have. What makes some of his failed promises worse is the fact that either the president may not be aware of those promises being unachievable or he is not being told the truth by his numerous appointees about the reality of what he promises.

NOW, the president has found it politically expedient to give assurances after realising all his promises have failed to yield results and thereby creating disquiet among the Ghanaian populace. This is the dividend of his governance style which has brought untold hardship on Ghanaians.

IN fact, Today is disappointed in the Presidency of John Dramani Mahama when he could have averted all these economic predicaments the country is currently going through. It is high time the government knew that what the nation needs at this critical moment is not empty promises or assurances that cannot produce any positive results for the development of the country.

WE believe that people are voted into power to better the living conditions of the citizenry and not the otherwise. Rather, what is happening to Ghanaians now is a double-agony affair where we have given power to a political party – NDC – including national assets and liabilities to help shape the destiny of our country for good but the government is doing the opposite and still it does not want us to complain.

IT is important for the president to start acting fast by making sure that Ghanaians witness action rather than words by mouth. It is not for the NDC to think about the next general elections if that is their headache hence the government’s penchant for promises and its new found “TRICK” of giving assurances when in actual fact there is nothing to be assured about.

THIS brings to the fore the need for politicians who want to lead this country in 2017 to understand the task ahead and make sure that they have the men, women and what it takes to manage the country. This is because Ghanaians have become tired of ‘politicking’ by some unscrupulous politicians who always think about themselves before the nation.