Abuja Blast: Panicking People Overcrowd Hospital Premises In Search Of Their Relatives

Following the yesterday’s explosion at a busy shopping mall Emab Plaza in Abuja, which left 21 dead and 17 injured, relatives of the victims overcrowded  the hospital area in search of their loved ones.

Explosion at Abuja shopping mall

Photo: Explosion at Abuja shopping mall. Credits: AFP

It was made by Daily Trust correspondent, who approached Maitama Hospital but was prevented from entering the building as security had cordoned off the hospital premises.

Many people waiting outside were reportedly thrown into panic and tears over not being able to locate their family members and not possessing any information about them. 

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A woman, who said her name is Nkechi, told the reported that her sister had been in the mall exactly at the time of explosion, and could not be reached on the phone since then.

Another two women could not control their emotions as they narrated that 4 of their colleagues (hawkers) had been involved in the tragedy.

During his visit to the Maitama District Hospital, FCT Minister Bala Mohammed ordered free medical treatment for the blast victims.

It would be recalled that according to the official information provided by the National Information Center, one suspect was arrested in connection with the bombing and one was shot by soldiers at the scene. 

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