Menaye Donkor Without Make-Up [PHOTO]

Most of our Ghanaian celebrities hide under thick layers of make-up for a reason—personally, I’ve seen some of them without make-up and I wouldn’t recommend that the worst of my enemies be subjected to that ‘frightful encounter’.

I know their faces would have been good but the constant thick make-up has somehow created unwanted patches, which calls for more and more layers of make-up.

Sometimes, I wish more women can embrace themselves and occasionally leave behind the make-up and other enhancements but then, I cannot undermine the power and the amazing facial transformation make-up comes with.

Naturally, some people have good genes and even without make-up, they remain who they are. And others also go under the knife to fix things…
Menaye Donkor has shared a close shot of her make-up free face and I think she looks lovely. What about you?