Vicky Zugah Slams A HUGE Tattoo Of BF On Her Back-Waist [PHOTOS]

This sort of confirms the saying that; if you want a wise person to do what most will regard as silly, serve him or her with a plate of love—and if the person is a woman, add some impossible promises to it for her.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has obtained some disturbing photos of Vicky Zugah who has slammed a huge tat of her new boyfriend’s name on her back. And we say it is disturbing because we think something crazy must be going on for a woman to do this to her self. What sort of love is this?

The boyfriend-Don Peguy (real name Egue Fiacre) is also known as Dj Cash and he claims to be the CEO of Cash Money City Crew—-a French DJ based in Ghana.

Why would an actress-even if struggling do this to herself in the name of love or cash? And it looks damn painful…

Anyway, the question is; could this be love or absurdity? We hear the boyfriend tattoo’d Vicky Zugah’s initials on his arm some few months ago so she decided to go for this back monster.

And they started dating just this January….When was the last time Vicky did a movie?

Now I need one of you to tattoo GhanaCelebrities.Com at your back for me!