Bimobas, Konkombas And Mamprusis Reconcile

Bimobas, Konkombas and Mamprusis have finally reconciled from long standing differences, this happened on Saturday 21st of June, 2014 at the Nayiris palace (Overlord of Mamprugu).

The decision to make room for peace especially between Bimobas and Konkombas arrived after the serious recent clashes which led to a number of lives and properties lost. On a unanimous decision, they all agreed to move to the Nayiri for a final peace durbar.

The Paramount Chief of the Mamprugu Traditional area, in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Tarana (21C) said, I quote, ‘Address delivered by the Nayiri -the overlord of Mamprugu Traditional Area on the occasion of reconciliation between Bimobas , Konkombas and Mamprusis at the Nayiris palace-Nalerigu on Saturday 21st June ,2014.Hon Regional Minister and your entourage , it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to this important program of reconciliation , I must admit that , I am exceedingly dilated to have you in my palace today.

As you are aware, all Bimobas, Konkombas and Mamprusis are all my children, therefore any conflict among these three ethnic groups gives me sleepless night. These violent conflicts do not only destroy human lives and properties but breed mistrust, misunderstanding etc amongst my people. Conflicts are very costly because, the District Assemblies, Regional coordinating council and for that matter government of Ghana expend a lot of resources to restore calm and peace in the affected areas. Whereas we can calculate the cost of conflicts in monetary terms, the mistrust created by the conflict is an imaginable and difficult to compute, Hon Minister, it is for this reason that, today’s ceremony is so dear to my heart.

I know a lot of resources have been spent to bring us to this far, therefore I do not need to remind all of us to embrace this everlasting peace durbar that we are all gathered here to accomplished, let me on this note call on all my sons and daughters to recognized today as you all agreed to put your differences so that we can put this Saturday 21stJune, 2014 into Ghana’s achieves as a day of Reconciliation, Restoration with Peace and Unity.

I am aware that, we currently have relative peace in this area, but to give this peace and unity a meaning to the whole world and Ghana, we all have committed ourselves to come together for this durbar as a symbolic way for everyone to see that, we have all agreed to live as one people. Sons and daughters of Mamprugu, I know some of you may not be satisfied in one way or the other, but this is not the time to look back or indicate your won lets forge ahead for a lot is expected to be done in the Mamprugu Traditional Area in terms of development and the only way to benefit from this ongoing development projects is to allow peace and unity to live with us.

I hereby wish to thank the Government of Ghana, Regional Coordinating Council, Regional House of Chiefs, the District Assemblies, Wanep, Catholic Church, Pentecost church and the security men in Bunkpurugu Yunyoo district for their efforts’

The Chief of Nakpanduri, Naa David Kansuk in a brief statement expressed that, the devil led to the misunderstanding between he and his younger brother , the kpemali Konkomba chief , and therefore both of them coming to this realization begun a peace process. According to him, his younger brother the kpemali konkomba chief visited him on the 3rd June, 2014 for a dialogue, at the event we concluded that, our brothers from the konkomba side who left the kpemali community during the conflicts returned.

On my side , I mobilized my sub-chiefs , elders and some youth and visited my brothers on the komba side on the 6th June , 2014 at the Nasuan chief palace , this occasion was very dear to my heart as we have not done this since the conflict started. I was moved and had to shear tears for not seeing my childhood friend and brother the Nasuan chief for a long time even though I knew he fell ill.

Let me state for a fact that, conflicts has no winner and has no looser, I stand here to admit that, we have gone into it deeply and we know what it is. Therefore I advised everyone never to consider arms as the solution to any type of problems or disagreement that may come your way.

On this note, I declare that, my younger brother the kpemali konkomba chief is free to come back to kpemali any time, even now.

I do not want to forget the role played by this people during the peace process, the two DCEs, Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo Dist Hon Philip Laari and DCE for Gambaga. Hon Imoro Adam, Hon J.Y Labik, the Army Commander for Bunk-Yunyoo Dist, Paramount chief of Bunkpurugu and other Bimoba chiefs, the Bimoba Traditional Association, the Youth of Nakpanduri , the chief of Binde , Our able Regional Minister, Wanep , Catholic Diocese , Pentecost church and most especially the Nayiri and the regional House of chiefs for your support.

The Chief of Temaa, who is the paramount of all the konkomba chiefs spoke on behalf of the Chief of Kpemali (Konkomba community) , according to him he has not had good sleep since this conflict erupted , as the head of all the konkombas , my concern have been how to get this matter resolve and today , God being so good we have all witness a history that, would never be forgotten. I am confident that, this conflict is over and would never appear, the peace process was started by the two chiefs who were engaged in gun battle, now that, they themselves have come out with the peace process, there is no doubts in this. I sincerely thank all the role players especially Nayiri for your words of wisdom. It is my surety that, all konkombas who left the kpemali community would begin to return. I want to thank the DCE and Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District Assembly for your support and finically commitment in this process.

In his key note address he said ‘I am lost of words’ thus the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Alhaji L. Muniru, thanked every speaker for speaking peace, I remember I was brought to the Region from the Upper East I called on you my father to support me open this part of the region with development and your complain was that, there is no peace in some parts of your land today we have all embraced that peace. I want to on behalf of the President John Dramani Mahama to assure you that, government would surely deliver its campaign promise in this Mamprugu Traditional area once there is peace.

Development cannot be seen anywhere there are conflicts. I would send the lovely message to the President as witness in this peace ceremony. I am very pleased to be associated with this peace and finally reconciliation. Let me thank my able deputy Regional Minister Hon A.B. A Fusieni who has supported me strongly in this journey of peace and unity.

I thank all the partners for your contribution, not forgetting Hon J.Y. Labik whom I call my senior brother for the personal and key role he has played. I called on Hon Labik during this peace process without any financial commitment to him and yet he has really proven to be an instrument of peace.

On this note, I thank you overlord and my affable DCEs for working according to ethics.

In an interview with Mr. Tahidu Jagong, an opinon /youth leader in Nakpanduri, this is what he said, It has become very signicificant to us the youth to note that, weapons have never contributed positively anyway of livelihood, therefore we have all come to the Nayiri today to prove that, were have for a long time driven by Ignorant and agonies. We want to assure the Nayiri whole heartedly that, we are warmly waiting to welcome our brothers from the konkomba side back in kpemali. Let me also reveal that, we have already planned with the security to embark on a float, all Bimoba, Komba and Mamprusi youth are all aware, this to our belief would clear the minds of those who may still feel unsafe in their movements.

A Youth rep from the Konkomba side also added his voice; he spoke as if it was a speech written by both of them at the same time. He noted unity, unity and peace is what we have all agreed and nobody should play with it.

The reconciliation, peace and unity Durbar, brought together chiefs, women and youth from the Bimobas, Konkombas and Mamprusis. The Regsec, Disec and the President of the National House of Chiefs graced the occasion.

History suggests that, Bimobas and Konkombas for about 30 years have been in conflict without lasting solution till today.

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