Be Proud Of Black Stars – Herty Borngreat

Ghana’s 2-2 draw against Germany at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza last Saturday was an impressive performance put up by the Black Stars that should make every Ghanaian proud of the country’s national team, gospel singer Herty Borngreat has told NEWS-ONE.

“The Black Stars gave out everything they had and I am very proud of them and it is my opinion that as Ghanaians and Africans we should be proud of ourselves. It is true we wanted an outright win but we had a draw but this does not mean we should be negative about it when we should rather be celebrating our uniqueness and outstanding performance against the Germans.”

As at the time Herty was speaking with NEWS-ONE Sunday afternoon, the Black Stars’ fate was still hanging because USA was yet to meet Portugal, but she was optimistic of a win for Ghana.

“We expect to stay in this game as long as possible and possibly go further than we went in 2010 at South Africa. But if it happens that we have to come home, we should still hold our heads up high and be proud because we have shown the world what stuff we are made of. We have not embarrassed ourselves at all and we must not forget the will of God is supreme,” Herty told NEWS-ONE.

She continued: “Apart from supporting the Stars as a team, we should not forget that our captain, Asamoah Gyan on Saturday scored his fifth world cup goal – pushing him into the status of a legend, and be proud of him because at the end of the day he is a Ghanaian and one of us.”

The gospel musician said she is praying for the Black Stars to go very far because the further they go, the more united we remain as a country.

She said partisan political discussions had comparatively declined and all politicians are united behind the Black Stars.