Your Ministers Are Square Pegs In Round Holes – Prez Mahama Told

The Minority Leader in Ghana’s Parliament has called on President Mahama to immediately change some of his Ministers describing them as “square pegs in round holes.”

Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu asserted that many of the President’s Ministers are immature and do not have the requisite skills to help address the nation’s current woes.

‘’…There is a world of difference between theory and practice; we can’t grow our economy with people who appear before appointment committee, you ask them the most basic of question relating to the ministry that he/she is being assigned to and he tells you please let me go there and I will learn; what good can come from such people,’’ he said.

‘’Square pegs in round holes; there are un-useful in the face of are challenges, let do what is right,’’ the minority leader stated.

According to him there are so many competent and experienced people in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who can help Ghana ‘’come out of the woods’’.

‘’This is not a time for trial and error…; with respect to His Excellency the President,’’ he added.

He has therefore called on the President to overhaul the entire government and bring on board the right people to fix Ghana’s problems.

The Suame Member of Parliament also explained that the use of inexperienced ministers adds to the corruption canker the nation is facing.

‘’I am not saying that if you bring very competent and experienced people on board you will be able to wish away corruption, you may not. But trust me If you have people who have made and built their own lives and gotten to some level, when you entrust them with responsibility; they care about their name, they care about the image of their family, hometown and even regions,’’ he told Citi News.

‘’But if you have untried people and people who have not paid tax before as ministers they will grab [state property and monies] with both hands and feet,’’ he concluded.

Speaking on the NPP’s demonstration in Kumasi on Tuesday, the MP said the demonstration was successful and the most well organized in the country in the last decade.

He disputed claims that the demonstration was an ethnocentric one. ‘’What is ethnocentric about it, is the Ashanti region populated by the Ashantis alone…?,’’ he quizzed.

Mr. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu further stated that the demonstration is to ‘’let government know that [Ghanaians] are negatively affected by the government’s mal-administration.’’

The NPP organized demonstration dubbed ‘YayƐ dƐn’ in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.