Amaka Igwe Lives On

She may not have pioneered Nollywood, but she has left her name boldly on it. At a time the industry was a joker, she set it straight. It was all she lived for. And she left it even better.

Those whom God loves, they say, He’s quick to take. At 51, Amaka Igwe has given her all.

Amaka Igwe

She readily could mean several things for the industry players, but it is never in doubt where she stands in film making. A film maker extraordinaire, she would never bend the rules. No. Not Amaka. She crossed her chest and stuck to professionalism and global standards. Those two never left her lips.

A natural talent, her love for the motion pictures began even before she knew. Her first contact with the make believe world steered what will forever remain one of the high point of Nollywood. That experience in a play by her sister, was all she needed. She never looked back.

She would later start on a high. Her debut efforts sparked off her reign. That reign has given us some of our admirable celebrities today. Amaka took chance on anyone. She whetted our appetite with her award-winning TV soap, Checkmate. With Amaka Igwe Studios, she proved her mettle even more. She churned out Rattle Snake and Violated. Both movies vintage Amaka, enjoyed wide reviews. But she was not done.

A lover of excellence, a die-hard of top-notch production, she wanted an industry comparable only to the best global standards. To ensure this, BOBTV was born. Through this initiative, Nollywood and indeed African Movies are now getting serious attention.

Amaka may have left when she was needed most, but she left as an accomplished writer, producer, director, teacher and entrepreneur. She will be fondly remembered for her passion, for quality movies and TV production in Nigeria.

As she has gone the way of all mortals, she will be painfully missed. She has endeared herself to our heart; she will forever live through her works. 

Amaka Igwe lives on …

– by Ezeh Emmanuel

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