TRAGIC: Military Jet Fighter Kills Girl, Leaves Another Injured While Bombing Boko Haram Insurgents In Adamawa

A girl became a victim of an airstrike by a jet fighter of The Nigerian Air Force that bombed Boko Haram terrorists attacking Madagali town, Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State in the morning of June 5, 2014, Thursday, Daily Trust reports.

According to a local source, the military plane dropped three bombs on civilian locations in the town, which resulted in the death of the girl, while the second one was injured.

The Joint Task Force ordered air support shortly after Boko Haram insurgents invaded the area en masse, killed several civilians and a soldier. The raid on the town started at about 6am and lasted for a couple of hours. A church, a Development Area office and some other building were under attack.

Boko Haram lost at least three of their fighters before the jet fighter had flown in the area. 

It dropped three bombs on the church, a mosque and to area close to a police post. 

The girl, identified as Laraba Michael, was killed on the spot in the church. Another girl has been reportedly injured at another location.

A security officer confirmed to Daily Trust reporters that a single soldier had acted like a hero and killed three insurgents during the battle. The defending soldiers at a military camp were outnumbered and fell back to the surrounding bush. 

However, one of them hid in the Madagali Development Area building. When the unsuspecting terrorists entered the building to burn it down, the soldier was able to open fire and kill three of them. Unfortunately, he was overpowered by the remaining militants and killed.

A Public Relations Officer of the police, Usman Abubakar, confirmed the development, but refused to go into more details, as the details in his possession were also sketchy. 

An undisclosed villager informed that Gubla village in Maidagali LGA was also affected by Thursday’s attack, but neither the number of dead nor the information on destructions were reported. 

It would be noted that a face-off between the residents, vigilantes and the army from one side and Boko Haram insurgents in Adamawa state is as tense and bloody as in the neighbouring Borno State.

The sect has suffered a bitter defeat in Madagali on May 16, 2014, when over 70 terrorists lost their lives and over a dozen were captured, when they had appeared in the settlement to get food and non-food items.

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