Asaase-Gyimah Warns Of Revolt

Asaase -Gyimah making his speech

Asaase -Gyimah making his speech

Asaase -Gyimah making his speech
One of the lead characters of the infamous June 4 th revolution which took place in 1979, Naval Captain Baffour Asaase-Gyimah (Rtd), has expressed fear the country could fall back into the dark days of the PNDC which led to the uprising.

According to him, ‘There is too much corruption in this country today.

Ghanaians have become too bold and fearless of the repercussions of corruption’ and the current conditions in the country, he believes, make it rife for an uprising.

‘If we don’t change our ways, next time it will not be a coup d’état it could be an Armageddon springing from the constitutional sovereign will of the people themselves who will not be able to apply brakes like military coup makers have applied in the past so far,’ he warned during the 35 th anniversary celebration of the revolution at the Revolution Square in Accra on Wednesday morning.

Present were the leader of the June 4 revolution, former President Jerry John Rawlings, cadres and other leading members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), an off-shoot of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) military regime and the chief of Otublohum, who doubles as Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, Nii Doodu Nsaki III.

He pointed out that gone were those days when politicians were scared of displaying whatever wealth they have legitimately acquired.

As it stands now, ‘they (referring to the politicians) do not care to show how many mansions they have built within the short period of entering politics when they can never explain how their earnings could account for the sudden wealth’, insisting that ‘this country is too precious for greedy people to destroy.’

Because of this, the former military capo expressed fear that ‘there is a looming Armageddon that could make June 4th a child’s play.’

He, therefore, charged Ghanaians not only to be courageous to speak out but also take steps to disperse the gathering clouds no matter their political persuasion.

Asaase-Gyimah advised politicians to serve like the President of Uruguay who still lives in his own little house and still drives his 1986 VW Beetle vintage.

He could not help but asked rhetorically, ‘What has happened to all our resources? Why are we permitting the creation and accumulation of unjustifiable judgments debts, why are we not robustly defending the interest of the Republic of Ghana in court against unjustifiable claims, why are we permitting spouses of public officers defending the Republic from taking monetary benefits from alleged judgment debt claimants- and no one complains or actions taken or are such things normal?’

For him, ‘it is high time voices of integrity in this country were heard, be they from NPP, CPP, PNC, PPP or NDC’ as the country is heading closer ‘to the precipice and to our own destruction.’

By Charles Takyi-Boadu

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