Movie Producer To Sue Top TV

Top movie and music producer Ahmed Banda aka Bandex is in the process of suing Top Tv for showing one of his new movies “Gye Me” without his consent. Close sources to the movie producer have hinted Flex newspaper.

According to our source who works with Bandex on Adom fm`s Entertainment Hall, one fine Saturday afternoon whiles they were preparing for their entertainment discussion programme, they received calls from people that they were enjoying one of Bandex`s new movies on Top TV.

“This information nearly got Bandex angry to the extent that he had wanted to say it on radio that Top TV was infringing on his intellectual rights, he was advised to keep his calm because one of our own Ekourba Gyasi had been mentioned as the one managing both Top Fm and Top TV” he added.

Whilst our informant thought the matter had died out because Bandex was supposed to meet general manager Ekuorba Gyasi, a bird has whispered into our ears that Bandex has seen his lawyers and is preparing to sue Top Tv if things remain as they are. To get to the bottom of this story, Flex newspaper reporter Nii Ashley called Ekourba Gyasi for confirmation of the allegation and this is what Mr Gyasi, former morning show host of Adom and Hot fm told him.

“I am aware we faulted him by showing his movie, but we spoke to him and he even asked us to establish a relation since he does movies and we show them. I never thought it will get to this extent because we have spoken to him on that but he has not been here ever since. We took over not long but yes we committed that error” Ekuorba Gyasi confirmed.

Meanwhile, efforts to reach Bandex is not providing any positive results as Bandex is proving to be diplomatic on the issue. Read what Bandex told our reporter when he was reached on the phone last Monday.

“If I am preparing to sue somebody or not, do I need to tell the general public. I am not going to confirm or deny this but let`s wait and see what will happen in the near future. Yes, the fact that they showed my movie “Gye me” is true and I am not too happy about that.

It is my hope that no television station will try that on any producer because now the movie industry is not easy. Things are not like they used to be so if you show my new movie without informing me, I see it as theft and with that I can go to any extent to seek redress and this is what I intend to do with this case” he added.

“Gye Me” is an action packed movie which saw child actors Maame Serwaa and Rahim Banda before the cameras doing their own thing. It was released late 2013 so what it means is that the movie might be less than six months on the movie market.