Rain causes havoc in Accra

A heavy downpour accompanied by strong winds in Accra last Monday night led to the collapse of many billboards in the metropolis.

The storm, which started around 8 p.m., damaged billboards, some of which fell in the middle of roads.

On the Graphic Road, an MTN billboard near the Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle fell across the entire stretch of the dual-carriage road and, as a result  brought  vehicular traffic to a halt.

Motorists travelling from the Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle towards Accra and their counterparts from the central business district of Accra heading towards Kaneshie and beyond could not continue their journeys.

Labadi problem
On the Labadi road, a billboard and a tree fell in the middle of the road and caused heavy traffic jam.

Fortunately, the billboard was not big enough to prevent motorists from using the road. 

Some drivers got down and managed to pull the fallen billboard  from the road.

Rain sets in
The rain, which began 20 minutes after the storm, compounded the problem, as motorists tried to park their vehicles, fearing more billboards could fall on them.

Around 9:30 p.m., another billboard close to Toyota Ghana’s main showroom on the Graphic Road also collapsed.

The billboard fell right on top of a breakdown taxi that had been parked a few metres way. The driver of the said taxi, who had just returned to his car with a mechanic, broke down in tears.

Victim’s plea
Some of the people who were caught up in the storm described the situation as unfortunate, blaming it on the authorities who allowed those billboards to be mounted where they were.

According to Mr Eric Arthur, the man whose taxi was destroyed by one of the falling billboards, he had no option but to look for the owner of the billboard and make him to pay for the damage done to his car.

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