Book on Malaria cure launched

Dr Emmanuel Kwame Asenso, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Health Talk Limited,  a health institution based in Nsenie-Kentinkrono in Kumasi, noted for curing diseases through natural foods, has stated that malaria is not caused by the plasmodium virus transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, as was popularly believed, but rather as a result of the plasmodium virus feeding on an unclean liver.

Dr Asenso made the revelation during the launch of a 48-page book he has written on natural steps for the cure of malaria in Kumasi.

In it the author discusses how the disease, feared around the globe, particularly in the African region, could be cured naturally without the use of modern medicines.

Dr Asenso, 54, lived in the United States of America for 26 years as a medical practitioner, 14 years of which he was engaged in research to find out if really the anopheles mosquito was the causative agent of malaria in humans.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, he said his research revealed that an unclean liver was the major cause of malaria and not the anopheles mosquito. He said an impure liver could, however, be cleansed using natural foods and that if the liver was cleaned, the mosquito could bite all it wants and there would be no malaria.

The CEO of Health Talk Limited said naturopathy, the holistic healing and a means through which the malaria parasite in the body could be eliminated from the body by using a combination of coconut oil and lemon juice, for example, without any side effects, was very effective and safe.

“Time and again in this modern time, the public has been falsely made to believe by the scientific community and healthcare industry that the anopheles mosquito was the cause of malaria but that is not the case.

“If you clean your liver by removing unwanted toxic materials, there will be no filth left in the liver for the plasmodia virus to feed on and so there will be no malaria,” he said.

The Chairman for the occasion, Pastor Dr Dwumaa Nuako of Prince Emmanuel Sanitorium, who also launched the book, bought the first copy for GH¢500.

The second copy of the book was also bought at GH¢500, while the third and fourth were bought for GH¢200 and GH¢100 respectively.

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