Academy of Arts and Sciences unveils youth wing

The President of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS), Professor Francis K.A. Allotey, on Tuesday introduced the Ghana Young Academy (GhYA) to serve as a bridge between young and senior scientists in the country.

The GhYA, which will be affiliated to the Global Young Academy, will also serve as the voice of young scientists around the country and the rest of the world.

Its membership is open to all youthful persons with a minimum qualification of a Master’s degree irrespective of the discipline.

  Birth of GhYA
Launching the body, Professor Allotey expressed delight at the “birth of a youthful scholarly body to complement our efforts” saying “we will provide an enabling environment for you to grow and blossom”.

“Our interest in helping to establish an independent and autonomous body known as the Ghana Young Academy, is to ensure that Ghana has a youthful source from where to expect high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship in the humanities and sciences first and foremost for the development of our dear nation and for humanity, as is the case in many other countries including Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa and Germany,” he said.

  Role of GhYA
Professor Allotey explained that the GhYA would provide a source of talented young scientists that senior scientists could draw on for research collaborations, policy, consultation and other activities.

“It will encourage inter-disciplinary research among young scientists nationally, thereby fostering this habit early in their careers.

It will promote ethnic, cultural and gender equality and diversity among young scientists. It will facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge to reduce the gaps between developed and less developed countries and amongst different regions within countries,” he explained. 

Professor Allotey said the young academicians would have much more to prove in the urgent need for the inculcation of science in the country’s development dialogue, business and day-to-day activities, stressing that failure should not be an option for the academy.

He charged the academy to strive to uphold excellence and focus their primary objectives on working to bring enlightenment and more efficient ways of doing things to all and sundry.

  Selection criteria
On the selection criteria for GhYA membership, a founder member of the GhYA, Dr Christian Agyare, said applications would be opened for interested professionals to apply from June to August after which the selection of successful candidates would be done between September and October after which the successful candidates would be announced in November.

He said it was anticipated that 50 candidates would be admitted to the academy and they would have four years to be members and later become alumni of the academy.

Responding to the induction of founding members, Dr Augustine Ocloo was grateful to the GAAS for the support rendered them and assured that they, together with those to be inducted later this year, would work to ensure that the GhYA progressed in its activities.

  Goodwill messages
There were goodwill messages from the Global Young Academy, the Nigeria Young Academy and the Germany Young Academy, assuring their Ghanaian counterparts of their readiness to assist the GhYA to help contribute to the development of the country.

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