Will NDC Win If Ghana Votes Today (Okyeame Asks)

Those who want to cocoon themselves to play the ostrich can do so. But some of us will continue to be realists and ask the hard questions.

Will NDC win election if Ghana votes today? The answer is a BIG FAT NO!! Things are not working well and we must call a spade a spade.

There are economic crisis and this is a fact. The other day Okyeame heard Kwaku Baako trying hard to defend SADA, and I laughed.

To be honest, if people like Kawaku Baako, Randay Abbey, Alfred Ogbemey and co, who destroyed Kufuor and the NPP are the ones defending the current administration, then the NDC better forget about the 2016 elections.

They are just a bunch of political grave-diggers who dig graves for political leaders who listen to their unwise and charlatanic voices.
Indeed; they are the ones who have destroyed Akufo-Addo’s political career, because, they kept on giving him very bad advice.

Just because they have access to TV and Radio, they think they shape public opinion; but they don’t know they are not longer relevant on Ghana’s political landscape.

They are spent forces who just feed fat on politicians who pander to them. NDC Government must know that things are not good ooo!

Young men and ladies; old women, are all getting tired and frustrated. My co-tenant who used to be a dyed-in-the-wool NDC Organiser had to burn all her NDC paraphernalia a few days ago, because the “dumsor-dumsor” had destroyed her fridge.

So many NDC activists are losing faith with Government; and those in-charge must sit up and stop pretending that all is well.

As for Government Communication machinery; Hmm!!! All Okyeame is saying is that; the ground is hot ooo! Let the NDC Government begin to frontally confront the real issues before it is too late.

Sycophants and stomach-directioned praise-singers sent NPP into opposition ooo; is that what the NDC wants?

This is just a humble harmless question from Okyeame. God bless us all and good luck to the NDC Government.