Disobey Criminal Investigations Department Gag Order

The Young Patriots hereby inform all our members across the country to vehemently speak their minds about the President’s ethnocentric comments in Kumasi and disregard the order by the Criminal Investigations Department to be circumspect in commenting on the matter.

The Police CID has no such right to prevent anyone from expressing their view on the reckless statement of the President.

We are by this press statement actually encouraging all our members to show their disdain and protest to the divide and rule nature of the President’s comments. It is our view that such statements are grossly ethnocentric and have the potential to divide this country.

Note should be taken of the fact that this is not the first such statement from the President and his derogatory comments seem to be consistently towards the strongholds of the NPP as similar statements were made in the Eastern region barely a month ago.


Of the several problems endangering the national security of this country, the CID’s citation of a supposed doctored tape which the Young Patriots strongly believes is an attempt by Mr. Felix Kwakye Ofosu, Deputy Information Minister to divert public attention from a communication gone badly by the President, is nothing short of waste of the public purse.

We are advising the CID to spend their time investigating the following instead:

1.Invite President Mahama and Dr Kwabena Dufour, former minister of Finance on the whereabouts of GHC 35m SADA money which they allegedly paid to SADA but which never hit the SADA account.

2.Invite Roland Agambere and Alhassan Andani to account for an estimated GHC 165m SADA monies which have not been properly accounted for.

3.The police CID should further invite Mr. Clement Kofi Humador, Minister of Food and Agriculture in connection with his role in the loss of some estimated GHC 900m of GYEEDA money when he was Minister of Youth and Sports.

Our request for these inquests is informed by the fact that, these monies were meant for the three Northern regions, Brong Ahafo Region and the Volta Regions, strong holds of the President and the NDC and it will be most appreciated by the people of these areas if the monies were found and invested in the regions mentioned. This is worth more than building roads in Ashanti with Gold.

Richard Nyamah- Chair