"She Called Me While She Was On Her Way Home, So I Instructed My Driver To Go Pick Her. She Was About Receiving My Driver’s Call, When The Bomb…

A father, Aliyu Danyaro, has explained how his 24-year-old daughter was killed in the bomb blast that happened in Nyanya, Abuja on Thursday.

According to Mr Danyaro, his late daughter had called him the previous day that she was on holiday and would be visiting him in Abuja.

The dejected dad told journalists that on that fateful day,he instructed his driver to go to the Nyanya motor park to pick his daughter who would arrive in a public bus from her school in Bauchi State.


* A dejected Danyaro talking to journalists on how her daughter was killed in Nyanya bomb blast

However, Mr Danyaro’s joy was cut short as his daughter was among those that died in the bomb blast that killed, at least, 19 people leaving 66 others injured at the park on May 1.

The father wept profusely as he explained to PREMIUM TIMES that his daughter had already dropped off at the Nyanya garage and was about to receive his driver’s call when the explosion happened.

“She called me while she was on her way coming, so I instructed my driver to go and pick her. While he was coming to pick her up, he called but while she was about receiving the call, the bomb went off,” he said, weeping so much that he could not mention her name.


 *Scene of a bomb blast that occurred in Abuja on Thursday

Mr. Danyaro also informed that his daughter was still alive when his driver got to her but he was not allowed to carry her security officials who were there to maintain peace, thus leading to her death.

A survivor of the explosion, Chijoke Njoku, who was at the Asokoro hospital, explained how he survived the attack.

Mr. Njoku said he had mistaken the Volkswagen vehicle that exploded as a commuter car but said when he regained consciousness after the blast, he realised that it was the vehicle that exploded.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the May Day attack, the explosion is believed to have been carried out by the Boko Haram insurgents.

It could be recalled that the group claimed responsibility for the April 15 explosion, with its leader Abubakar Shekau saying they could carry out more attacks in the Nigerian capital. 

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