HIV Positive Kidnapper Confesses To Raping His Victims

A HIV positive man that was paraded as part of a seven-man kidnap gang, has confessed to raping his female victims.

The man, Holy Ighoragbor said that he was unaware his virus had no cure and said he was really sorry and begged for forgiveness.

He said the reason he joined the gang was to raise money to cure himself from his ailment.

He said: “For the woman, we demanded the sum of N3 million from her family. The woman’s senior daughter had just graduated from the university and was doing her NYSC. She offered N300, 000. I said that we should collect the money, but Kes said he would not collect that amount.

“Because I did not want him to kill the woman, I shot her in the leg. I suffer from HIV.AIDS and my mother is a poor farmer. It is true that we rape female victims held by our gang.”

They where paraded by the State Security Service (SSS), Delta Command, State Director, Ms Florence Ikakone revealed that the gang has been active since January 2014 and have been responsible for scores of kidnap related crimes in the area.

She revealed that Sunday Ogisi was the gang leader and the rest where Kesiena Onwubolu a.k.a (Kes), Holy Ighoragbor, John David, Moses Urhode , Samuel Onyekachi Onyema, and Francis Oshevire.

THe gang had taken a woman, sold her Car and shot her in the leg because her relatives could not provide the money fast enough.

The gang also allegedly killed a lawyer, Stephen Olowu, on 25th January and threw his dead body into the Otokutu river.

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