Abducted School Girls Who Escaped Make Shocking Revelation As Security Agents Quiz Them


Military Intelligence and security agents have interacted with some of the abducted girls who were lucky to escape from Boko Haram men, as part of the ongoing search for others who are still missing.

According to report, some of the abducted girls made some very shocking revelations which implicates some of the locals

A source said this revelation will make security agents to grill some teachers in the school and they are going to examine all the clues at their disposal so as to secure the girls release.

“Some of these girls had the interaction on audio and video tapes. The essence of this is to guide the operations of the military and other rescue teams and from their submissions, there was complicity of some locals in the abduction because some of the insurgents were known to the girls,” the source said.

The source added that security agents will look into the activities and records of some teachers in the school.

The girls who escaped were said to have been taken to other schools by the government of Borno State where they wrote their school certificate examinations.

A top government official said the girls were taken to other schools so they wouldn’t miss out of their exams, adding that they were collaborating with the military and security agents to ensure safe return of the girls.

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