s*x Education – Is It Better to Have s*x After or Before You Eat?

images (29)The romantic scenario that we often are presented with by the movie industry involves having a generous dinner in a trendy restaurant that is always followed by hot action between the sheets. But is it a good idea to have s*x right after gulping down a meal rich in carbohydrates and sweets? It is known that chocolate can act as a great aphrodisiac, but a restaurant meal includes the chocolate cake only as desert, that follows other courses. Male enhancement pills may come as a supplement for a session of great s*x, but only if they are truly needed. Here are some facts about having s*x and eating habits that you may want to learn about.

The Natural Process

Any food that goes inside your stomach needs to be digested in order to be transformed into energy by the natural processes taking place inside. If the foods you have just eaten were too heavy on your stomach and now they require a longer time in order to be digested, you may find yourself experiencing something close to an episode of erectile dysfunction. There are no reasons to worry, as this is not the case. Also, if a thought crosses your mind, involving taking a male enhancement pill right on the spot, you should put this thought aside. Your body will feel quite outraged at being forced to perform right after a meal, and you may experience other problems than just losing your erection or mood. Even with many man-hood enlargement exercise made in advance, you will not be able to perform at the best standards.

Give Your Body Time

It is very important to give your body time to digest all the heavy foods you have just ingurgitated. Do not worry, you do not have to wait much, as you must wait for man-hood enlargement exercises, in order to see the best effects. Only two hours of rest are enough for the body to get back in the mood for having s*x. Never place such episodes on the same level with erectile dysfunction, as they have nothing to do with impotence. For young males, it is never recommended to take male enhancement pills, as they will force an increase in blood pressure, that, along with the latency experienced by the body undergoing the digestive process, can lead to unwanted effects.

Before or After?

If you do not have problems with erectile dysfunction, there are not many reasons to concern about the possibility of losing your s*x drive. However, doctors may recommend you to have s*x before eating a large meal. It is better for your libido and also for your performance. You will not find yourself in the need for man-hood enlargement solutions any time soon, as you will not be dissatisfied with your performance in the bedroom.


s*x after a heavy meal may not be a good idea. As your body wants to rest, forcing it into having s*x can have really nasty effects. Erectile dysfunction is not one of them, but you should still consider the recommendation about having s*x before serving dinner.

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