Wanlov Mocks Christ’s Rise From The Dead

The controversial dude is back again—and I’m referring to Wanlov Da Kubolor. Christians all over the world are in the Easter mood. Jesus Christ, according to Christians was crucified on Friday, which was the Easter Friday. Today being Sunday, Jesus has risen from the dead.

Wanlov, who calls himself KubolorChrist on social media posted the above picture on his facebook wall, indicating he has risen from the dead as well. Most of us know Wanlov’s sentiments when it comes to religion, especially Christianity.

Although lot of people who commented on the picture threw insults at him, some also jumped to his defense.

Pages Nana Kwame Liverpool had this to say: “Aboa dawn, Ofui, U tink a gay like u, can rise again wen u die? Vultures sef will reject ur silly corpse. Foolish albino.”