Photos: Leaking roof of male Surgical Ward at Tema General Hospital

The Male Surgical Ward at the Tema General Hospital faces imminent collapse if urgent attention is not paid to its roof leakages.

Gaping holes in the roof, a slowly rotting ceiling and flooding whenever it rains  are the conditions affecting the effective delivery of services at the male surgical ward of the Hospital.

The situation forces hospital authorities to move patients into the narrow walkways during downpours.

Joy News’ Worlalorm Johnson visited the facility and reports the situation is not a good sight to behold.

“To my right and to the left, I can see huge perforations on the ceilings to the walls that are being rebranded in brown rather than their original cream colour”.

It tells that the rain water leakages are having a toll on the health facility. The rots on the wooden ceilings are conspicuous in array of dark grey colours raising countless rhetoric questions on one’s mind, Worlanyo reported. 

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