Nicolas Anelka: The French player declines the Atlético Mineiro offer

Nicolas Anelka will not play alongside Ronaldinho at Atlético Mineiro. While he was announced to join the Brazilian club, the French player has caught everyone unprepared by not traveling to Brazil. Another controversy!

After the quenelle which led to his departure from West Bromwich Albion , this time Anelka has not traveled to Brazil where he would sign with Atletico Mineiro. The transfer was canceled by the Brazilian club.

The player’s agent then offered the services of his player to Atletico Mineiro, and this idea pleased the president of the Brazilian club, Alexandre Kalil . An agreement was then reached between the club and the player. An agreement that the President stated in a message on his twitter account.

By visiting the site, we also discovered that Nicolas Anelka has been added in the club membership. Anelka then wanted to end his career playing alongside Ronaldinho and everything seemed done.

And against all odds, Anelka has not simply landed in Brazil. The sporting director of Atletico Mineiro then decided to cancel the transfer, citing a lack of professionalism of the attacker.

“At no time we were able to talk with the player. We spoke with a representative of the player and his agent. The greatness of Atletico MG is much more important than Anelka. So we dropped. His conduct has shown that he is not professional,’ said Eduardo Maluf , sporting director. He added: “We have agreed to postpone his presentation, because of a problem with his passport. Anelka and Ronaldinho spoke and gave him his excuse as well as his agent. Now they say he is attending a religious gathering in Kuwait and he cannot come. The club is bigger than him. The deal is canceled.”

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