Tight Security In Tamale

Security agents screening the participants
THERE WAS adequate security, made up of military and police personnel in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital, during the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Delegates’ Congress on Saturday.

Military and policemen, who were armed to the teeth, could be seen standing at vantage points, an indication that they were in firm control of the security situation that day.

The number of armed security men in and around the Tamale Sports Stadium – venue of the historic event – was so enormous that one could mistake the scene for a war zone.

Some of the armed policemen were even seen standing on top of their armour vehicles to command a clearer view of what was going on around the stadium so that they could react immediately, in case of any eventuality.

All those who were entering the stadium, including the delegates, had to be thoroughly screened at the gate with scanner machines to ensure that they did not have any offensive weapons on them.

Delegates and party officials who were carrying bags also had their bags screened to see whether they had not concealed any offensive weapons in them.


Security on alert
Irrespective of the person’s social or political status, all those who entered the stadium had to go through the screening process, DAILY GUIDE observed.

The reason for the large security presence on the day of the Congress – when national officers of the NPP were going to be elected – was not far-fetched. Two days earlier, some NPP faithful were said to have been attacked by some unknown trigger-happy goons who opened fire on them, injuring nine people.

DAILY GUIDE’s checks indicated that the party’s leadership and the security capos in the region did not want to take chances, hence their decision of ensuring a tight security at the stadium.

Hostels where some visitors lodged also beefed up security as armed policemen were deployed to those places.

Some of the military and police personnel who spoke to DAILY GUIDE on condition of anonymity, said they arrived at the Tamale Stadium at 3:00 am on Saturday, although the event was supposed to start at 9:00 am while others were there two days earlier from other parts of the country.

According to them, their huge presence was not meant to scare the NPP delegates, but rather to protect them and also prevent miscreants from disrupting the historic programme.

The security operation was led by Commissioner of Police (COP) John Kudalor, Director-General of Police Operations supported by DCOP Ken Yeboah, Northern Regional Police Commander.

Most of the security men commended the delegates for putting up good behaviours throughout the exercise, which lasted for 24 hours.

They added that their prime target was to deal ruthlessly with gangsters that might have wished to invade the place with deadly weapons and disrupt the event.

The security men said apart from some few misunderstandings among some of the party supporters, they did not encounter any serious challenge.

COP Kudalor told DAILY GUIDE that 72 hours since the shooting incident occurred, they never had a sleep, saying they needed to be on high alert to forestall any unforeseen skirmishes.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr, Tamale

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