Accra Police impound 1,140 motorbikes

The Greater Accra Police have impounded at least 1,140 motorbikes in an operation to rid the city of motorbike related crimes.

Greater Accra Region Police Commander DCOP Christian Tetteh Yuworno confirmed this in an interview with Joy News.

Yuwornu said their main target for this operation is the criminals who use the motorbikes but added riders who are not licensed would also be prosecuted.

According to him, the arrested motorbike riders were asked to produce documents covering the bikes and to produce proper driving licenses.

He explained riders of motorbikes, like drivers of any other vehicle must have a valid license before they are allowed to ride.

He stated however that most of the people arrested were without the required valid documents and licenses.

Yuwornu indicated that those who provided the required documents were allowed to go with their motorbikes.

The Regional Police Commander stated the operation was partly to clamp down on the illegal Okada business rearing its ugly head in the capital.

He said the police have intelligence that some of these okada riders are in cahoots with criminals, adding, such illegal activities will be stopped.

He said the operation will continue as long as new motorbikes are brought into the system.

Meanwhile, the police operation has affected  courier services in the capital.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo who has been on the beat has intercepted a letter from DHL, one of the courier services apologising to customers for  the late delivery of their packages.

DHL said it has given its agents the appropriate letters and documentations in order not to be arrested.

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