That’s My Christianity A Beautiful Way of Life Thought By Mostly Ugly People

Nana Ansah Kwao IV, host of Ghana’s most opinionated talk show, That’s My Opinion will today present a must listened to piece dubbed ‘Christianity A Beautiful Way of Life Thought By Mostly Ugly People’.

‘Culture is a way of life of a people at a given time and because we don’t live in vacuum we shall at every given time have or do things which will be relevant to our time and change with times as we live on. Normally one dose not need to apologize for this, however, this Sunday at church, the last bit of Christianity was almost zapped out of me, and I felt like apologizing for being a Chief custodian and a leader of my people, all because I am black I don’t speak Hebrew and I don’t have a Jewish name tune in to find out what happened at church last Sunday …..kindly spread the news.’

Join him today at 2:05pm on That’s my Opinion on Joy 99.7 FM and

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