NPP Delegates Now Consider Me The Formula To Winning Election 2016 – Stephen Ntim

Mr. Stephen Ntim, NPP National Chairman Aspirant ahead of the party’s annual delegates’ conference which is schedule for April 12, 2014 this weekend at Tamale has reminded the rank and file of the party to vote for competent, experienced and winnable candidates capable of securing victory for the party in 2016.

According to the twice defeated NPP National Chairman Aspirant, the delegates have realized his significance in NPP as their failure to vote him into the National Chairmanship position on two consecutive times resulted in defeats for the party in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

Stephen Ntim however disclosed to that the eagerness of the delegates to secure victory for the party in 2016 has boosted his confidence as the delegates have reminded themselves the role he (Ntim) played in securing power for the party in 2001 and 2004 as the first vice chairman of NPP.

To him, until the delegates vote him into office as the National Chairman of NPP, none of the aspirants contesting the highest seat has the experienced and winnable character to meet the demands of the party faithfuls with Ghanaians aching for a change in their living conditions.

“….the delegates have realized that the party’s inability to win power for the two attempts was as a result of their (delegates) failure to elect competent and experienced chairman who knows how to win elections…..I have been rejected twice and the party too has lost twice in elections; the message is now clear to the delegates and you can say that I am the backbone to NPP’s victory in 2016. We have done it before in the era of Peter Mac Manu and Dan Botwe; we secured victory for the party in 2001 and 2004….I am hopeful in this conference this time because the delegates have now realized that I am the choice to ensure victory for the party,” he asserted.