Cost of Ridge hospital project is $250m not $306m – Sherry Ayittey

The Ministry of Health has described as untrue, claims that the cost of expansion and refurbishment of the Ridge Hospital is $306 million.

A statement signed by the sector Minister, Sherry Ayittey clarified that the total cost of the project “is $250 million and NOT the $306 million as being claimed by the Minority in Parliament.”

The Minority in Parliament has raised concerns about the cost of the project and has subsequently vowed to halt what they term as the “fraudulent” $306 million project.

According to them, the deal was approved on their blindside adding that it is damaging to the national interest and must not be allowed to proceed.

They are also estimating that Ghana will lose $85 million if the $306 million deal goes ahead.

Ms Ayittey however says the approved funds will not be paid upfront but based on “certificate of work done.”

Outlining the processes he approval will go through for payment to be effected, she said the certificate of work done “will be submitted to the Ministry of Health for verification of figures and later to Ministry of Finance for additional verification and approval for payment.”

The Ridge Hospital is to be expanded from a 200- to 420-bed capacity hospital, while departments such as Imaging, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Accident and Emergency, Neonatal Intensive Care, Burns, Pharmacy and Laboratory, will be expanded.

Attached is the statement from the Ministry and a copy of the Parliamentary approval

Statement from Health Ministry

By: Efua Idan Osam/