Joseph Yamin: Sports Journalists Spend Too Much Time Talking About Football

Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Joseph Yamin has advised sports journalists to help face-lift other sports disciplines rather than the ‘all-day-all-night’ discussions on football.

According to him, Ghana would be better off as a sports nation if she concentrate on other disciplines in order to have realistic chances of making it on the international sporting landscape.

“We are overlooking athletics and I think that we all have a part to be blame but the greater part is with the media. Sports journalists spend 70% talking about football and even the football, they [media] discriminate. They spend 60% talking about the Black Stars,” he emphasized.

Speaking to the media, Hon. Yamin said he was shocked to have seen only two (2) sports journalists who followed the Black Maidens of Ghana who participated in the just ended World Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Costa Rica, adding that; “I hope just the two will follow Black Stars to Brazil”.

He however debunked claims that his Ministry is to be blamed for overlooking other sports disciplines.

“The ministry is not to be blamed alone…we are all to be blamed. The other disciplines have suffered a lot,” he said.