Bonsam Backs Bukom

Sensational Fetish priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam has waded into the controversial boxing bout between Bukom Banku (Brimah Kamoko) and Ayitey Powers, saying there is no way Banku would not win the fight.

Boxing lovers and a large section of the public are split over which of the two boxers would win the much publicized fight and the controversy deepened after Ayitey Powers said Nigerian Property TB Joshua had asked him to call for a postponement of the fight from April 18 to May 2 if he wants to win.

“I am telling you that whether Ayitey Powers likes it or not, Bukom Banku would beat him. He can run to TB Joshua and even make TB Joshua’s church the venue of the fight, Bukom Banku would still beat him. If TB Joshua likes, he should take Ayitey Powers under the sea and come back, Bukom Banku would still beat him,” Nana Kwaku Bonsam told News-One.

Meanwhile, both boxers continue to brag loudly about the bout.

The last minute call for postponement after Ayitey Powers has not gone down well with the public.

Ayitey however insists that TB Joshua is his spiritual father and the prophet had warned him that the April 18 date originally set for the fight falls on Easter Friday and it would be a dishonor to God and a bad omen if he fights on that day.

Reports say popular dancehall artiest, Shatta Wale has thrown his weight behind Ayitey Powers and bet that Bukom Banku would lose the fight.