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Monday, December 6, 2021

Give Us Our Due…


The perception that most gospel artistes are working for Christendom hence, should render their services “free of charge” is perhaps doing more harm than good.

A situation, which according to gospel artiste, Bernice Ansah has unabled most gospel artistes to financially invest in their Ministry to successfully propagate the word of God through their songs.

She said she has been saddened by the attitude of event organisers towards gospel artistes because of the popular phrase “you are working for God”.

“Surprisingly, pastors and church leaders are the worst culprits of this act which is gradually killing the industry even though gospel musicians are very hardworking. We deserve our due in the industry” she told Showbiz last week.

After almost a decade in the industry, Bernice Ansah who earned three nominations at last year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards said that “I am overwhelmed by the “maltreatment” gospel artistes have been enduring for all these years.

“Can you imagine a gospel artiste using a live band to perform for more than three hours and getting only less than 10 percent of the amount negotiated. And yet you don’t have to complain because ‘you are not working for money but for God’. But how do I pay the band members if I don’t get paid for my services.

“I have had bitter experiences concerning this practice and I think it is about time gospel artistes stood up for our rights and demanded our due.

“Sometime ago, I went to perform at a church with a full band and after the programme, I was given GH¢100 when I had charged GH¢ 600”, she added.

She said that just as these pastors need money to run their churches, so do gospel artistes also need money to run their Ministries.

“We need money for studio recordings and video productions. How do you expect us to thrive on just ‘thank you’, is that possible?” the Gbenze Gbenze singer queried.

Bernice Ansah has six albums to her credit, namely; Immigration Na Ye Tight, Nya Nkwa, Gbenze Gbenze, Adea Yesu Aye, Mennsu and Nea Ewurade Beye.

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