Omega Flies To Greece To Celebrate Birthday With Footballer Husband Samuel Inkoom

Wife of Samuel Inkoom, Omega, has flown to Greece to celebrate her 28th birthday with her husband at his Chania based home in Platanias, Greece. Omega shares the same birthday with Inkoom’s daughter Samuelina.

A source close to the family told 90 Minutes newspaper : March 26 is Inkoom’s wife birthday and I know Inkoom will make it very special for her. He loves her so much and has asked the whole family to fly to Greece for them to celebrate in grand style. She and the kids are in Greece now and trust me; it’s very special for Inkoom because Omega is Inkoom’s world, rock, best friend and wife. ”

Omega shared this picture on instagram saying: “Thanx to our Daddy for this early morning surprise, I had to cover my face with that cake cos ain’t no one gonna see my wake up face . Happy birthday to us #I nkoomgirls #inkoomfam #inkoomclan”