Miracle As Wonder Borehole At Akyem Morso Produces Healing Water

Morso, a town in the Asante Akyem South District of the Ashanti Region has become the centre of attraction for Ghanaians and foreigners who are trooping to the place to benefit from a miraculous well that residents claim is healing people of various diseases.

Situated a few kilometres from Adomfe, the town that made news in recent times for a similar well, Morso is said to have discovered the healing ‘powers’ of a well the town initially abandoned for failing to meet their drinking needs.

“The well made food darker and was not good for washing or bathing because it neutralized the suds of any soap one used with it,” a resident intimated.

However, to their surprise, the white men who dug the well took the sand they dug from it away, indicating there was something special about it; a discovery they later made after hearing of a similar well at Adomfe, some four miles away.

According to some of the residents of the town, when they heard of the similarities between the water from the Adomfe wells to their abandoned well, they started drinking of its water and realized it had some special qualities that cured diseases.

To Nana Gyan, a bedridden man who had catheter in his penis, the water from the well was God-sent.

After drinking the water for some two weeks, he saw a vast improvement in his condition, leading to the removal of the catheter from his penis and greater relief from the pains he earlier had.

His testimony is further supported by other testimonies from people from within and outside Morso who tried the potency of the well and can testify to its special healing abilities.

Another resident, who spoke to The Catalyst, said he had two hernia operations in the past but to his surprise, he had discovered another one. So he tried the water and had a diarrhoea for some two weeks only to see the hernia vanishing.

Since news started making the rounds that a miraculous well had been discovered at Morso, the town has been inundated with people from far and near who want to benefit from the miracle it is performing.

The Chief of Morso, Nana Owusu Ansah Sikatuo, expressed his joy at the discovery of the well, stating that it is a gift from God not only to Morso but Ghana and the world at large.

He appealed to all Ghanaians and other nationals to come and take advantage of God’s gift to mankind since these are rare occurrences that other countries would strive to have.

Hundreds of gallons, known as ‘Kufuor gallons’ are lined up on a daily basis at the well as the youth of the town assist ‘miracle seekers’ to fetch it.

A gallon full of the water goes for GHC5.00, an amount that is used to maintain the place and also to motivate the young men of the town to continue to assist people and keep order at the place, the Chief disclosed.

To ensure that residents are not the only beneficiaries, Nana Sikatuo revealed that, Wednesdays have been earmarked for residents only with the other days of the week for persons from other parts of the country and the world.

Among the numerous visitors to Morso are expatriates who are not only there to observe but to also partake of the well’s ability.

Some experts believe the water is what is known as ‘hard water’, a type of water that has some minerals that make it very exceptional for the body.

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