Is Madam Hannah Tetteh Serious At All?

Ghana’s Ambassador to Japan, Edmond Kofi Agbenutse Deh, is being investigated by the Tokyo police for his alleged involvement in the running of an illegal casino in the Japanese capital.

This was because according to some newspaper in Tokyo, our Ambassador and some of his officers are being questioned over an alleged lease contract made for a room in Tokyo operating the illegal casino.

This is a serious enough problem to elicit a response from the Government, especially the sector Minister of Foreign Affairs, instead of an official response Madam Hannah Tetteh decided to respond to the issue on her facebook fun page.

How many Ghanaians are on facebook, let alone read her status. Her page is limited to only her friends or those who subscribe to it. She is a Minister representing 24 million or so Ghanaians, so a matter as damaging as this must not only be limited to her friends, family people and foes.

But for the curious nature of the media, nobody would have even known she had said something about the issue.

Information dissemination is very important, in getting things done and getting people to understand what you are doing or how far you have gone as far as meeting their needs.

Our leaders must recognize and accept this fact; else they will always be far from the people. We should not get to a point where the people will think they are insensitive to their plight.

The Minister must treat this issue with the all the seriousness that it deserves. Flippantly reaction to the issue on her facebook wall is infantile.