Are You Being Decieved? 5 Steps to Avoid Being Catfished

362902-4554-43So you met the man or woman of your dreams online. You talk every day. Text relentlessly. You both can’t wait to meet one another. There’s only one problem. The person you have been obsessing over never seems to want to meet. Sure, he or she could be busy. But if this has gone on for a long period of time, odds are, you may have found yourself in a Catfish situation.
For those of you not familar with the term, this is an expression used to describe men or women who pretend they are one person online, but are actually someone completely different in real life. Not exactly fun for anyone! So let’s take a look at a few warning signs that could help you to prevent this from happening to you.

1. The person lives extremely far away.

Look, I’m not saying long distance relationships can’t work. But why would someone choose a partner that lives hundreds, if not thousands of miles away, when there are countless other online dating profiles to choose from in close proximity. There is just no need to do so unless the person who has contacted you has no intentions of ever really meeting.

2. The person refuses to chat on video.

A month or two passes by without ever meeting. He or she insists on being busy. But every time you ask to chat on video, they come up with an excuse as to why they can’t access video on their computer. This is nonsense. Anyone can access skype these days. If they are dodging video chat, in actuality, they are dodging revealing their true selves to you.

3. The person always disappears at the last second.
A lot of these deceivers are notorious for eventually making plans, only to vanish at the last second, nowhere to be found on the day of the actual meeting. A few days later they will contact you with the world’s craziest excuse. Don’t fall for these lies.

4. The person has a very mysterious professional life.

Many catfish cover up their inability to meet by insisting that they are always on the road, travel for their job, are semi-famous, etc. The more mysterious their professional life seems to be, the more the alert button should be hit in your mind.

5. The person refuses to talk on the phone.

This goes back to number two. If the person is so intent on only emailing or texting, you likely are not only being decieved, but are talking to someone who is the opposite of whatever s*x you think you are talking to.