Video: Toddler argues with mother about cupcakes

Kids say the craziest things. This little one, 3-year-old Mateo gave a good argument on why he shouldn’t be punished for eating cupcakes before dinner.

His mother, Linda Beltran, posted the video which has since gone viral on Youtube.

She told UberSpotlight: “Gramma told me he didn’t want to eat his dinner. I let [him] know that we would not be having a fun night unless he ate his dinner. He found some hidden cupcakes and was on a mission to have them.”

“After a back-and-forth of ‘Mommy pleassseee can I have them?’ and me telling him not until he had dinner, he decided to wait until I wasn’t paying attention to use those cute eyes of his on Gramma, which was not-so-secretly hilarious.”

“Mommy’s spidey-sense kicked in, I grabbed my phone and thought, ‘Let’s see where this goes.’

Watch the video to see Mateo at his best

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